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We help trucking companies save money on their truck liability insurance policies by overcoming risk certificate limits.

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Who we are

We are an innovative insurance-related sowtfare insurtech start-up specialising in the monitoring and management of road transport fleets.

We give Value to your data

We have developed – and patented – an innovative algorithm that reads tachograph files, useful for defining a new method of profiling and monitoring the riskiness linked to the circulation of heavy vehicles.

The Rating Predict® certificate will, in this way, represent your only parameter for accessing the best insurance policies dedicated to the sector at premiums that are fairer and more representative of the company’s real riskiness.

How to Obtain the Predict Rating

We process tachograph data from vehicle tachographs and driver cards.

We assign them a value by assigning a rating that certifies the road traffic risk potential of the company fleet by assigning the company a score on a gradually worsening scale ranging from (AAA) – (AA) – (A) – (BB) – (B) – (CC) – (C).


Collect the Tachograph Files of Your Fleet.

The tachograph files generated daily by the digital tachograph and the driver card in your possession..


Send files to your Insurance Advisor

Contact us or send the data collected to your insurer.


Get your Predict Rating

You will receive your free Rating® certification processed by our algorithm.


Receive your insurance quote.

Our insurance partners will proceed to send you quotes for heavy vehicle insurance policies.

- Truck liability - Land vehicle bodies - ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE - ETC.

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