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The Rating Predict is a highly innovative service that replaces the risk certificate, offering trucking companies a real and truthful risk certification.

Il Rating Predict è un servizio altamente innovativo che sostituisce l’attestato di rischio, offrendo alle aziende di autotrasporti una certificazione di rischio del rischio  reale e veritiera.


Tachograph files are generated daily by the digital tachograph and the driver card.
Every company is obliged, according to EU Regulations
2014/7165 ‘Tachograph Regulation’ and EC Regulation 561/2006, to record the activity of vehicles and drivers and to keep the tachograph files, in order to produce the documentation needed to check for possible irregularities or violations of the Highway Code and regulations.

How it works

1. Collect the Tachograph Files of Your Fleet.

Collect the tachograph files generated daily by the digital tachograph and the driver card in your possession or ask your service provider to download the data automatically.

2. Request your Rating

Contact us or ask your insurance advisor for your Rating Predict certification.

3. Certificazione Rating Predict

Rating Predict is the result of an innovative patented algorithm capable of analysing the tachograph data collected and assigning your company a rating that allows access to dedicated insurance policies and constant monitoring of fleet safety.
Rating Predict® assigns a score on a gradually deteriorating scale ranging from (AAA) - (AA) - (A) - (BB) - (B) - (CC) - (C)..

4. Present your Certificate to Insurance Companies

Get your quote and access to the best insurance policies for heavy vehicles by presenting Predict® Partner insurance companies with your Rating certificate.


The evaluation process involves the continuous monitoring of logistics performance and the tachograph files produced.
This process is realised through automatic tachograph data downloading devices installed in vehicles.

If you do not have tachograph discharge devices, we provide them for you, AT NO ADDITIONAL COST.

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